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Products Name: Glass Wool Pipe
Glass Wool Pipe
Density: 30-100kg/m3
Thickness:  from 25mm to 100mm
Inside diameter: from 20mm to 529mm
Length: from 1000mm to 1200mm
Average fiber diameter: 4.0-6.0 um
Thermal conductivity: 0.030-0.044 W/m.k
Combustibility: Class A (non-combustible)
Sound Insulation coefficient: 0.8-1.1
Organic material content: ≤4%
Water repellence: ≥98.5%
Water absorption: ≤1.5%
Moisture content: ≤1%
Max. working temperature: 450ºC
Civil building
Pipeline of heat power
Heat insulation for air conditioner
Heat insulation for refrigeration equipment
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